Truth or Dare

  • 2018
  • Thriller, Horror
  • Release date: 2018-04-13 (USA)

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Truth or Dare is a movie directed by Jeff Wadlow and written by an uknown writer.The cast includes Lucy Hale as Olivia Barron, Tyler Posey as Lucas Moreno, Violett Beane as Markie Cameron, Hayden Szeto as Brad Chang and Landon Liboiron as Carter.

The movie is already released, with the theatrical release on April 13th 2018 in the US.It was produced by Blumhouse Productions and Universal Pictures.

The runtime of Truth or Dare is 100 minutes. The movie genres are Thriller and Horror.

The box office collection was influenced by Beirut, Rampage, Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero and Truth or Dare opening on the same weekend as well as A Quiet Place, Blockers, Chappaquiddick and The Miracle Season opening on the previous weekend.

So far, 2018 seems to be a good year to release movies. 2016 has seen 2.2% increase in box office collections and this trend is expected to continue in 2017. This year we have already seen some records in number of tickets sold.

Wide release of Truth or Dare brought mixed feelings, as different media came up with a variety of US box office predictions.

Poster for Truth or Dare

IMDb Summary

A harmless game of Truth or Dare among friends turns deadly when someone -- or something -- begins to punish those who tell a lie or refuse the dare.

The Movie Database (TMDb) Overview

A harmless game of "Truth or Dare" among friends turns deadly when someone—or something—begins to punish those who tell a lie—or refuse the dare.

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Release schedule

CountryLanguageRelease typeDateCertificationNote
SKTheatricalApril 19th 201812
LTTheatricalApril 20th 2018
ITitTheatricalJune 21st 2018
ITitPhysicalOctober 9th 2018Bluray + dvd
TRTheatricalMay 4th 2018
TWTheatricalMay 11th 2018
DEdeTheatricalMay 10th 201816
RUTheatricalApril 26th 201816+
ESesTheatricalMay 11th 2018
GRTheatricalMay 3rd 2018
DKTheatricalMay 3rd 2018
BRptTheatricalMay 3rd 201814
BRptDigitalSeptember 4th 201814
GBenTheatricalApril 13th 2018
GBDigitalAugust 20th 2018
GBenPhysicalAugust 20th 2018
UAukTheatricalApril 12th 2018
FRTheatricalMay 2nd 2018
USenTheatricalApril 13th 2018PG-13
USenPhysicalJuly 17th 2018PG-13
ROenPremiereMay 4th 2018N-15


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Box office prediction data for Truth or Dare is available only to registered users

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