• 2019
  • Drama
  • Release date: 2019-04-17 (USA)

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Breakthrough is a movie directed by Roxann Dawson and written by Grant Nieporte.The cast includes Chrissy Metz as Joyce Smith, Topher Grace as Pastor Jason Noble, Mike Colter as Tommy Shine, Josh Lucas as Brian Smith and Rebecca Staab as Cindy Reiger.

The movie is already released, with the theatrical release on April 18th 2019 in the US.It was produced by Fox 2000 Pictures and 20th Century Fox.

The runtime of Breakthrough is 116 minutes. The movie genre is Drama.

The box office collection was influenced by Breakthrough, Penguins (Disneynature) and The Curse of La Llorona opening on the same weekend as well as opening on the previous weekend.

So far, 2019 seems to be a good year to release movies. 2016 has seen 2.2% increase in box office collections and this trend is expected to continue in 2017. This year we have already seen some records in number of tickets sold.

Wide release of Breakthrough brought mixed feelings, as different media came up with a variety of US box office predictions.

Poster for Breakthrough

IMDb Summary

When her 14-year-old son drowns in a lake, a faithful mother prays for him to come back from the brink of death and be healed.

The Movie Database (TMDb) Overview

When he was 14, Smith drowned in Lake St. Louis and was dead for nearly an hour. According to reports at the time, CPR was performed 27 minutes to no avail. Then the youth's mother, Joyce Smith, entered the room, praying loudly. Suddenly, there was a pulse, and Smith came around.

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Release schedule

CountryLanguageRelease typeDateCertificationNote
ITitTheatricalJune 27th 2019
IETheatricalMay 17th 2019
BRTheatricalApril 11th 2019
CATheatricalApril 17th 2019
DEdeTheatricalMay 16th 201912
GBTheatricalMay 17th 201912A
GBTheatricalSeptember 23rd 2019
GBDigitalSeptember 23rd 2019
AUTheatricalApril 18th 2019
FRfrTheatricalJune 19th 2019
UAukTheatricalApril 11th 2019
USenTheatricalApril 18th 2019PG


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Box office prediction data for Breakthrough is available only to registered users

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