American Made

  • 2017
  • Action, Comedy, Crime, History, Drama
  • Release date: 2017-09-29 (USA)

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American Made is a movie directed by Doug Liman and written by Gary Spinelli.The cast includes Tom Cruise as Barry Seal, Sarah Wright as Lucy Seal, Domhnall Gleeson as Monty Schafer, Alejandro Edda as Jorge Ochoa and Mauricio Mejía as Pablo Escobar.

The movie is already released, with the theatrical release on September 29th 2017 in the US.It was produced by Vendian Entertainment, Imagine Entertainment, Cross Creek Pictures and Quadrant Pictures.

The runtime of American Made is 115 minutes. The movie genres are Action, Comedy, Crime, History and Drama.

The box office collection was influenced by American Made, A Question Of Faith, Flatliners and Til Death Do Us Part opening on the same weekend as well as Friend Request, Kingsman The Golden Circle and The LEGO Ninjago Movie opening on the previous weekend.

So far, 2017 seems to be a good year to release movies. 2016 has seen 2.2% increase in box office collections and this trend is expected to continue in 2017. This year we have already seen some records in number of tickets sold.

Wide release of American Made brought mixed feelings, as different media came up with a variety of US box office predictions.

Poster for American Made

IMDb Summary

The story of Barry Seal, an American pilot who became a drug-runner for the CIA in the 1980s in a clandestine operation that would be exposed as the Iran-Contra Affair.

The Movie Database (TMDb) Overview

The true story of pilot Barry Seal, who transported contraband for the CIA and the Medellin cartel in the 1980s.

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Release schedule

CountryLanguageRelease typeDateCertificationNote
NOTheatricalAugust 25th 20179
CHTheatricalSeptember 13th 2017
ZATheatricalSeptember 1st 2017
INTheatricalSeptember 29th 2017
CLTheatricalSeptember 21st 2017
GBTheatricalAugust 25th 201715
GBPhysicalDecember 26th 201715
ARTheatricalSeptember 28th 2017
HKTheatricalSeptember 7th 2017
HUTheatricalAugust 31st 2017
BRTheatricalSeptember 14th 201716
BRDigitalDecember 16th 201716
PHTheatricalAugust 30th 2017
SETheatricalAugust 25th 201711
LTTheatricalAugust 25th 2017
PLTheatricalAugust 25th 2017
ITTheatricalSeptember 14th 2017T
NZTheatricalAugust 24th 2017
AUTheatricalAugust 24th 2017
HRTheatricalAugust 24th 2017
SGTheatricalAugust 31st 2017
BGTheatricalAugust 18th 2017
NLTheatricalAugust 17th 2017
DKTheatricalAugust 24th 201711
KRTheatricalSeptember 14th 2017
GRTheatricalSeptember 7th 2017
AETheatricalAugust 31st 2017
ESTheatricalSeptember 1st 2017
TWTheatricalAugust 18th 2017
DETheatricalSeptember 7th 201712
DEPhysicalJanuary 11th 201812
UATheatricalOctober 12th 2017
USTheatricalSeptember 29th 2017R
USPhysicalJanuary 9th 2018R
PTTheatricalAugust 31st 2017M/12
FRTheatricalSeptember 13th 2017U
JPTheatricalOctober 21st 2017
RUPremiereOctober 12th 201718+
RUTheatricalOctober 12th 201718+


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